Sunday, April 20

Virtual home tour!

This week, one of my customers told me that she posted pictures of her home on a site called "Webshots." Welllll.... wouldn't you know..... I just had to do mine too! What fun! I have it all set up in a link right here on the blog. Just look right under the picture of the shop, there's a link to my Webshots site. Click that link and you'll go right to my albums.

Not only do I have pictures of my home, but I also created an album with pictures and descriptions of a few new things I just got in at the shop. Check it out!

And just a quick note - starting this week, all of the lamb figurines and bottlebrush wreaths (ivory and pink) at the shop are marked 25% off.

Hope to see you soon!

Friday, April 11

Just in!

Just in at the shop -

  • Completely restocked on the multi-colored braided round and square trivets, as well as the round coasters
  • Homespun table runners in checks (mustard, navy, barn red, black) as well as ticking stripes
  • New! Candle rings / wreaths with twiggy pieces, red and cream berries and rusty stars - great around the base of a taper or pillar, or even on the wall... multiple sizes available!

Sorry I don't have any pictures... of all days to forget the camera! I'm off to sunny San Diego tomorrow.. so more blogging next week!

Thursday, April 10

TV Commercial in the works

Can you believe it? We're going to be on TV! This morning I met the film crew at the shop for my "big debut." Ha ha! This from the person who never took drama in school, never performed in a play, can't keep a straight face, etc. It was such a fun experience though. Last weekend, my husband Lee and I rearranged the back 1/3 of the shop and I think the timing was perfect for the commercial. He also was able to put some Wall Wisdom up by the barn stars, which made for a nice shoot. I say "nice shoot" like I know what I'm talking about!

They "made" me (ok, they asked me to) be in the commercial, which was a very interesting experience. I hope it doesn't look corny! And, I hope they used the skinny lens on the camera! It will be on CBS - KVAL in the next couple of weeks... can't wait to see the finished product.