Tuesday, July 28

I Passed!!

Eee Gads - is that me??? I guess that is what I look like after spending 3 days in the HOT, HOT sun on a HOT, HOT asphalt parking lot taking the motorcyle endorsement class! What you can't see is that my face is beet red... even SPF 55 wasn't enough this weekend. The picture was snapped at the end of the final FIVE HOUR session on the motorcycle, and the car thermostat said 102 when I got in at day's end. They require you to wear jeans, long sleeves and boots. I don't own a pair of boots so I had to borrow my hubby's - and three pairs of tube socks. Talk about adding insult to injury....aack!!

I have wanted to take this course for several years now... and finally did it. The class is sponsored by Team Oregon (http://www.teamoregon.orst.edu/) and is awesome! They provide the motorcycles and helmets.. you provide the endurance. I am proud to say I passed both the written and skills parts of the class with flying colors. I still have a lot to learn, but now I can ride my 1966 Lambretta with the confidence I didn't have before. I even enjoyed learning how to ride a "real" motorcycle!!

Wednesday, July 22

Country Sampler website

I just logged on to the Country Sampler website and it has been updated... here is a link to the "extra" photos of our home:


Click on the number "3" above the picture (the photo shown is customer Linda Harris' living room). So fun! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 15

Fall 2009 Country Sampler arrived today!!

Well I thought it was coming out soon... but I was still surprised when my UPS man dropped off a 10 pound box of Country Sampler magazines today!! Woo hoo!! The pictures of our home and the article came out great... I am so pleased and honored to be part of my favorite magazine! Of course now that I see everything there are some things I would have changed or done differently.. but all in all I am very happy (it's just the perfectionist in me....) Remember when you are looking at the pictures, they were taken the weekend after Easter and it was unseasonably hot (about 85 degrees) that afternoon. We are sweating to death on that scooter ride!!

Also in this issue is customer Linda and Joe Harris' reproduction saltbox home in Albany, OR. Wow... their home is so fantastic. Linda is a "purist" when it comes to Colonial style decor and she does it exceptionally well. In my home I like the more modern blend of old and new.. but to me, it's "all country" so it's all good. I love country decorating and I just cannot get enough!

I dont think the magazine has hit newsstands yet... even the CS website has not been updated with the new issue yet. This baby is literally hot off the press.

Our 15 minutes of fame is now official!! Thanks for being excited with me :>)