Wednesday, April 14

Primitive Night Lights back in stock!

The darling primitive night lights are back in stock... thanks to the FedEx man :>) I have brown, red, mustard (shown) and brown with brownish bulb available once again. I'll be listing them on the website tomorrow. Also new to the shop and shown in the picture are the Irvin's outlet covers in blackened tin. I have the standard double outlet in stock, but they are also orderable in many other configurations, including GFCI outlets, double lightswitch, etc. Will get them listed on-line tomorrow too! Bye for now!

Friday, April 2

Almost forgot! I promised Buttermilk customers Linda and Joe Harris that I'd post a link to their house. The Harrises were featured in the same issue of Country Sampler as my home... Aug/Sept 2009. Their home is OUTSTANDING... and currently for sale! Take a minute to click on the link below... you will be ready to move right in! Toota-Loo for now!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you're probably about ready to float away... geesh.... talk about April showers! My niece, who lives in San Diego, called me a few days ago to "complain" how hot it was... 85 degrees. Poor baby!!

My new battery candles have arrived and they are way cool! I ordered these at the PA show and they were one of the last shipments to get here. There are several styles available... all are shown in the picture above. From left to right, top of shelf... small "votive" size BOC (battery operated candles) available in red and primitive brown, medium size "cake candle" BOC that actually has a timer function.. available only in prim brown, and a tall BOC avail only in mustard (and this is the only one). Lower shelf has the tall "cake candle" that have a full size taper BOC that slips down in the wax sleeve... avail in must and burg, and the new lumpy bumpy pillar BOC in mustard, tan and burg. All feature a very waxy, thick silicone bulb. Very different from the other BOCs I carry :>)

Also shown are two other items from the PA show (do these people realize it's been almost 3 months?!?!) One is a black metal sleeve with star cutouts... this will fit over a candle, but also has a small cut out at the bottom for you to feed an electric cord through. And the mustard star unit is made to show off whatever large jar or cake candle you are burning. Would even look darling with a large BOC!! Also available in several other colors.

Bye for now dear friends and HAPPY EASTER!