Friday, March 26


Just wanted to take a break from my typical Blog posts and write about gratitude. That is, MY gratitude for the wonderful customers I have!! When I think about the success of Buttermilk Junction, I am blown away that we've continued to grow each year the shop has been in existence.

For those of you who don't know, I have wanted to own a country shop since I "found" country decorating in the eighties. In November 2005, my husband Lee and I rented the tiniest storefront we could find in Junction City and started setting up shop. If that space was 200 square feet I'd be surprised. Even though we knew it could never be our permanent home, we had to "test the waters" before jumping in any further. In April 2006, we moved to a 1000 square foot shop nearby and enjoyed that space until the summer of 2007. Due to issues with building management and a flood caused by an upstairs renter, we started looking for a new space for Buttermilk Junction. On Sept 1st 2007 we opened in a neat shop 3 blocks away. I thoroughly enjoyed that location for the two years we were there, even though parking was a huge problem as well as a few other issues. At the end of August 2009, I began packing up once again and moved over to Ivy St. to share space with our local quilt shop, Thimbles & Threads. That was 7 months ago and I haven't looked back since. Not only did my wonderful customers support the move, we've made many more country-lovin' friends since then and the past 7 months have exceeded my hopes. All this to say that without you, there wouldn't be a Buttermilk.

We are not rich by any stretch of the imagination... my husband and I BOTH need to contribute to our finances to pay the mortgage, car payment, etc. I always had a corporate paycheck and when I lost my full-time job to overseas outsourcing in 2008, I was not sure what to expect. But God is so good! And I thank the good Lord every day that I get to do what I love (DECORATE) and be my own boss. It's hard work but very rewarding and I look forward to whatever the future holds. When you come in and say Buttermilk Junction is your favorite store, or you'd rather shop there than anyplace else, I am truly honored. Thank you for your friendship and your support!!!

Friday, March 19

Homespun has arrived

Well poo I am a week behind in my posts... I have been working really hard to get my new "POS" system up and running. It's been very time consuming to enter everything... hopefully another week and it will be done.

Look at this gorgeous homespun!! I have 8 bolts now... loves it! The red reverse windowpane and the mustard/black windowpane are my two favorites. I am so thinking curtains! This is very nice quality homespun, not the rough stuff from the "box" stores... $8.75 per yard. A reminder that the fabric ladies are happy to do the cutting.... you don't want me to do it... I cut fabric like I wrap gifts... and that's not a pretty picture my friends.

Spring Open House was a wonderful success! Too bad it didn't feel like spring... but that's OK, it does now :>) I've received SEVEN more boxes of goodies since the S.O.H.! Not all of it is seasonal... there was the homespun, some wonderful primitive "tabletop" cubbies, faux tallow berry candle rings and garlands, reed diffusers are back in, repro tin Easter chocolate molds, new braided trivets and coasters in wonderful colors, etc. I am also expecting the new Judy Condon book any day now. Oh and the UPS man brought me a big box of runners, shower curtains and window treatments that I haven't even opened yet!!

If you haven't been in the shop in awhile, please come see all that is new! Will try to get some of it on the website over the next few weeks... POS taking priority right now as I have to be up and running by April 1st.. no foolin'!

Happy Friday all!

Friday, March 5

Spring Open House next week!

Won't you please join us for our Spring Open House... scheduled for Friday March 12th and Saturday March 13th from 10am - 5pm. Come have a look-see at all that is new!

How has everyone been.... I have felt very productive this week! I managed to spackle and touch up paint my office, in addition to getting my decorating theme nailed down for that room (not to mention cleaning up the extreme CLUTTERY mess!). Also, I moved a wall cabinet to a new location and a shutter became a wall hanging in my dining room... and I even started a Goodwill pile. The highlight was putting my new coverlet and duvet on my bed. Next project will be a new bathroom countertop if I figured my tax liability properly and we actually DO get a refund!

Oh ya... I also decorated my house for SPRING! Yeehaw... so nice to see some Springy things here and there. Before you know it we'll be putting out the seashells and flags. Aack! Have a wonderful week all!

Tuesday, March 2

Well shoot.... I missed my Friday deadline last week! I think it was because I got in a great big ol' box from Family Heirloom Weavers and I got caught up in the moment. While a few things I was expecting were backordered, the box did contain my new duvet and my "Sea Star and Jewels" coverlet. Ooooh la la this coverlet is a beauty!! I raced home at 5pm to put it on my bed. Loves it!! Still some decorating to do in the master bedroom but these two pieces were a major part of the redo.

The pillowcases are from ... they are black with white polka dots! The pillow and bedskirt are Ralph Lauren "Cold Springs," a black and linen mattress ticking. Also, the coverlet reverses to linen background with black. I must comment, that white basket looks out of place in the photo... funny how the camera really highlights certain things! Maybe I will get out the black paint this weekend.

The UPS man was not very good to me last week! I think he stopped twice; once with a tiny box of not much to speak of and the other time with the blankets. He did show up yesterday with a huge supply of 2010 Country Sampler Home Tour Editions, which was great... but I had hoped for something even a teence more exciting?!?! Mr Fed Ex brought two ginormous boxes from Lt. Moses Willard lighting... a special order for a customer. I told Mr UPS he better not let me down on Tuesday. He didnt seem particularly amused.....

Well this is a short one since it's already Tuesday and I need to be back on schedule by the end of the week. Bye for now!