Monday, June 21

Our annual Parking Lot sale is comingTHIS Saturday, June 26th from 9am-4pm. If you've been to my sales in the past, you know I mark sale items way down! We'll be set up in the parking lot on the south side of the building... if you pull in and don't see parking available, the entire parking lot on the north side of the building is available on Saturdays... even spaces marked for the insurance office. And one last item regarding the sale... to keep prices low, on June 26th we will not be accepting credit card payments for sales totaling less than $10.

We have two things happening in July. First, we'll be having our annual "Inventory Reduction Sale." Last year we did it in August, but have decided to move it ahead a bit this year. Details and dates will come in the next newsletter!

Secondly, we will be carrying pre-packaged tea from Eugene business "Tea Lady Teas!" This is exciting for The Buttermilk! Some of the initial offerings will be Peppermint, Yummy & Creamy, African Violet and Jazzi-Tea. As the teas arrive, I'll be posting them on the website with their own shipping rate. This will keep them affordable for those not in the area.

Last item to note in this newsletter is that Fall will be coming early to Buttermilk Junction! A nice selection of goodies will be available in early August. You were asking for it early last year so this year we're not waiting until September. Woo hoo!!

Hope to see you very soon!

~Christina Z, shopkeeper