Monday, May 11

Monday, Monday

I LOVE MONDAYS!! It's truly my "day off" from the shop and usually, most of my housework has already been done the day before. Most of the time it's my run-around day... today is not too different. My neighbor (who also happens to have built our home!) is taking me to a local remodel he is working on where apparently there's some "good junk" available for the taking.... can't wait to see what that's all about. Then I have to meet the UPS man at my shop around 10am as he is delivering my new Acer Netbook this morning! Can't wait to try that baby out!! After that, I do have some errands to run and I am sure the day will fly by as usual.

I did manage to snap a few pictures this weekend of the house... some updates and changes I've done since the Country Sampler photo shoot. They asked me not to post pictures of the Fall decor (even though I did take a bunch...) but I wanted to post some of the changes I've made. The next two projects at home are to repaint our master bath (sooo not looking forward to that) and to repaint and redo all the wall decor in our office. I never take pictures in there because it gets so messy... hoping to change that sometime this summer. ANYHOO.... I posted a new album on my WEBSHOTS site... please locate the link on the left side of the blog and you'll go right to it.

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful! We spent the morning with Lee's mom and the evening with my folks. Very simple and relaxing and just the way we like it :>)