Thursday, May 14

New "NetBook!"

Have any of you seen one of these cutie pie computers? Oh my gosh.. this is the neatest thing! It's made by Acer, and is top rated by both Consumer Reports and PCMagazine. I ordered it at don't you love CostCo? (oh that's a post for another time!) Anyway, I took a picture of this little NetBook next to a basket of lemons so you could see how small it is. It weighs less than 3 pounds. I've been having a lot of fun using it while watching tv ....or if I just need to look something up or check my email I don't have to kick the hubs off our main computer. We do have a laptop as well, but it weighs a TON and it has a humongous screen and a noisy fan... nothing you'd want sitting on your lap while watching tv. See.... sometimes electronics CAN be fun!