Wednesday, June 10

Painting the New Location

Boy, you sure forget how much painting hurts! I think if we remembered how sore we get, we would never repaint anything. We spent a couple weekends readying the walls at the new shop location.... we have one more loooong wall to do over 4th of July weekend. I am loving the new colors! The main color is called "Rich Georgia Clay" but I have fondly nicknamed it "Yam." I also painted an accent wall "Brick Fleck." I've never painted a red wall before .. I love the way it turned out. That's the hubs with paint roller in hand.

Don't you love the way they name paint colors? It must be fun to be on some of those committees. One of the reds I loved was called "Red Longjohns." I wonder if there has ever been a color named "Dust Bunny" or "Soap Scum." Now that would be funny!