Tuesday, June 30

Sidewalk Sale Success!!

I was so anxious to have the annual sidewalk sale behind me; now I just can't believe it's over! Wow... what a whirlwind weekend. Friday I hauled everything I'd priced from the backroom to the front of the shop, then Saturday morning we gathered at 6:30am to start setting up. With 4 people, we still only finished at 7:55... only 5 mins before the sale started!! I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the tables stretched from the alley on our south all the way past the police station on our north.

It was a busy day... lots of people came and we sold over 600 individual items... WOW!! It took no time to break it all down... but I vowed I was taking Sunday off and just enjoyed being home.
Today (Tuesday) I created a larger clearance area in the back of the shop.... and put out the clearance Fall goodies. I LOVE FALL!!! I'll put the Christmas clearance goodies out in a few weeks (it's still wayyy too early to look at Christmas!) There are still good things left!! Here are some pictures....