Thursday, February 17

Happy February people! A few days ago the wind was howling, the rain was coming down in buckets and it felt like, we have puffy white clouds, blue sky and sunshine. We've had amazing weather lately, and when the rest of the country has been dealing with snow, sleet, etc. we Oregonians have had dry, mild days. I'm sure the "experts" will be saying we are way behind on rainfall, but honestly - it's been wonderful!


This coming Saturday, February 19th, INDULGE Antiques is holding an after-hours shopping/dining event. From 6pm to 8pm, you can enjoy a dinner menu, pastries and wine AND even better, an additional 10% off storewide!! We are participating in this sale.... be sure to check it out!

New to the shop:

*Silicone dipped light bulbs in both flickering and standard variety

*Battery taper candles with regular and silicone tipped bulbs available in brown, beeswax and red

*Buttered Maple Syrup reed diffusers back in stock

*Real Tallow Berry bundles and a few Easter goodies for your Springtime decorating

Goose Creek jar candle SALE ALERT!

On "in-store special" through the end of the month are Goose Creek jar candles! Goose Creek candles are the best and if you've ever burned or melted one, you already know this. They burn clean down the sides with no wax residue, and smell just as good from the first time you light them until there is a scant 1/4" of wax left in the bottom of the jar. Some of the scents available are Maple Toddy, Orange Vanilla, Cinnamon and my personal fave, Apple Bourbon. All Goose Creek jar candles are 20% off so hurry in for best selection!

Happy February my friends......

~Christina Z, Shopkeeper