Friday, February 12

New tin "Petticoat" lamp - USA made
New tin hanging taper holder - USA

Tall tin "hogscraper" electric candlestick - USA

Grapevine garland with tiny twig STARS attached!

Oval penny mat

Black crows

Tan primitive cat

Faux bay leaf wreath with "pip" berries

Does anyone else have the "wintertime blues?" I have just been struggling to get motivated to get ANYTHING done! Cant get interested in doing too much of anything... and there is so much that needs to be done. I hope this feeling doesnt last too long... I much prefer to feel productive and energized (well, who doesn't, right?)

The UPS man has brought me a few new things this week.. always so fun to see him coming with a big ol' box! So far it's just been the "tip of the iceberg"... most of the larger orders are still yet to arrive. I snapped a few pictures as I unboxed this week... as shown above. A lot of what I ordered at the show was "Made in America" product and I am tagging things as such as they come in.

I've been putting new goodies out as they arrive, except items that are spring-specific. Those will have to wait until the Spring Open House, March 12th and 13th. I hope I have enough product for Spring.. I always worry about that. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!