Friday, February 19

WOW... Spring Fever is going to be rampant if this weather keeps up. Even though I have to be at the shop all day, it is still so nice to look outside and see glorious sunshine. It's probably 60 degrees out there, yet I just saw someone go by on a motorcycle wearing a T-SHIRT!!! Crazy people!!

The UPS man didn't have anything too exciting for me today (tissue and bags... yawn....) but the FedEx guy brought me some Amish barn stars. I have never ordered them before, but am trying out the 10" size... they are adorable! Perfect for the authentic barn star lover with a space problem! They will retail for $18.95 and I'll try to get them scattered around the shop tomorrow.

Have been keeping myself busy today with a painting project using some new paints I ordered at the Winter Market. So far it's, er, interesting! It's quite a process and I am anxious to see the end results. Since the day is almost done that probably wont happen until Monday. Also managed to do a little hand stitchin' today and whipped up some cute SEED bags. Will have to wait til Spring Open House next month to see those tho....

**UPDATE** Furniture is SOLD......So I just got a call from my BFF Laura and she asked me to post on my blog that she has reduced the already bargain price of her IKea Ektorp set to just $500! For everything!! OMG I wish I had an empty room somewhere! Here is a link to the IKea website / Ektorp page so you can see how wonderful a deal this is.... This link shows the sofa slipcover... and as you can see it's $149 just for that ONE slipcover... so $500 for an entire set of furniture plus three complete SETS of slipcovers is an incredible deal!! See my previous post for more info.. it's the one from February 5th.

Well I shall close for now as part of "Blog Friday" is writing in my own blog, but the other part is reading some of my faves!! Happy Weekend all!