Tuesday, November 2


I have a bit of news to share with you.... so may as well get right to the point and get it over with.

I am returning to the "working world" ... and truth be told, I have been presented with a job opportunity that I cannot pass up. The hard part is that I cannot be in two places at once - darn it anyway. This is one of those "grown up" things that you wish someone else would do for you.... well shoot, this one is all on me! Deep breath, here goes.....

Since I have to return to work, I will be downsizing the shop and moving. I found a wonderful location, a "co-op" called Bradley & Englert Antiques in Springfield. I knew the minute I walked in that it was the place I wanted the shop to be, and if you have not been there yet, you are seriously missing out! If you are scratching your head and going "huh??" please know I am taking this action because I adore Buttermilk Junction and want nothing more than its continued success, and want to continue to meet your country décor and gift-giving needs for many years to come.

I absolutely plan to continue to carry jar candles, wax melts, Irvin's melters, lots of country primitive décor and vintage pieces at the new location. Special orders will still be welcome. Although I will be stocking all the wonderful primitive treasures we so love, my space there will be a tad smaller than what I currently have. That means over the next five weeks, we are having a BIG inventory reduction sale!!!! I know this is a lot of information to digest.... but here are the details:

Everything that is NOT going to the new location will be progressively discounted. Naturally, this discount will apply only to in-stock merchandise and will not include furniture, which will be marked with a set price and will not be subject to further discounts. Again, items that are going to the new location will not be discounted.

Week Nov 2nd - 50% off Fall items 'til gone
Week Nov 9th - 30% off (Inventory reduction sale starts)
Week Nov 16th - 40% off
Week Nov 23rd - 50% off
Week Nov 30th - 50%-75% off
Final day current location - Saturday December 4th

While still at the current location, we will continue to be open Tuesday through Friday from 11-5; Saturday from 10-5; closed Sunday and Monday.

There will be display fixtures, backroom shelving, etc. that I will offer for sale... however some of these items cannot be picked up until the end of the month. If you purchase one of these items, I will give you the dates and times during which you may pick them up.

Happily, we have been invited to participate in the Blackberry Junction Christmas/seasonal show at the Fairmount Grange in Albany. Everything I have that is Christmas is going to this show, so if you are in a Christmas mood, you NEED to go to Blackberry! The show runs November 12 - November 20. Anything that does not sell at Blackberry Junction will either go to the new location or return to the current shop location and be included in the inventory reduction sale. The location of Blackberry Junction is the Fairmount Grange in Albany... the address is 835 North Albany Rd. You can "mapquest" it or just email me and I'll send you directions.

From this point forward, there will be no layaways or items held. Gift certificates will no longer be sold. All sales are FINAL - no returns or exchanges will be accepted. Outstanding gift certificates may be redeemed right up until December 4th... expired gift certificates will not be honored. After that date, outstanding gift certificates will be considered null and void. If you have a gift certificate and cannot come in before December 4th, please call or email me.

IMPORTANT!!! Wax melts and jar candles will still be available in Junction City - if you are currently buying these items from The Buttermilk, you will continue to be able to do so and right here in town. I would not leave you in the lurch on this!! Buttered Maple Syrup makes life worth living! Ha ha. But seriously, all the wonderful scents you have grown to love will be at your disposal. I will provide details on this soon.

For web and long distance customers - because inventory levels will be changing rapidly during this transition, it will not be possible for me to offer the same in store discount to you. However, after the first of the year when things settle down, I will get the web site updated and send you a coupon to use for a nice discount on your online or phone purchase.

I couldn't have succeeded these past 5 years without my wonderful customers... please know it has been a joy to help you. Thank you for your encouragement during this transition.

~Christina Z