Friday, January 15

Well I am being true to my word about posting every Friday... although I can't think of a whole bunch to post about!
Very quiet in the shop today... January is usually the slowest month and this one's coming in true to form. That only make me wish I were home decorating something, anything! I was surfing around this morning and saw THE most gorgeous master bedroom... done in all cream, black and brown, with mocha colored walls and toile valances. Oh my I was ready to redo my whole room right then and there. My master is still the same as it was shown in the Country Sampler Fall issue... Pottery Barn "Margaret" collection in red. I do so love it but also love a change so my mental wheels are a-turnin!! My bed is matte black iron and I already have the cream colored quilt, so it wouldn't take too very much to change it over... some pillow cases, a new duvet, some different lampshades, toile drapes... hmmm......

I recently had my master bathroom painted and aside from one wall cabinet, I haven't put any of the decor back in. I'm just not sure what to do with it. I have a new PB shower curtain (Mum pattern.. cream background with shades of dark mustard, spring green and rusty-red orange). We have an awkward space between the two mirrors that I've never quite known what to do with. I have a couple ideas but hate to put holes in the wall in fresh paint until I know for sure.

My next post will be from Valley Forge, PA and I am sure all those primitive country goodies will put me in seventh heaven. Woo hoo!