Friday, January 29

Happy Friday! I think I have sufficiently recovered from my jet lag, however, the euphoria from my trip is still lingering!

I've spent today in the shop brainstorming "Spring." Always a hard season for me.. just not into the cutesy pastels and what I call "bunny-chicky" stuff. Next week I need to get out into the big world and do some research on what direction the shops are heading as we move into February. Of course I will be receiving new stock over the next 3 months.. lots of small wooden cupboards, new linens from Family Heirloom Weavers, new pillar candles and much much more.

Redid my master bedroom before I went on my trip and my guest bedroom was the unfortunate recipient of all the red things I stripped out of there. So I think I will start sorting through that mess tonight (but it's so much easier to just close the door!) A few things will go on EBay, some will make their way down to the shop and others will just go in the "decorating closet" for the next time I change something around. The main things I am waiting for to finish the redo are the homespun duvet I ordered at the PA show and I need to make a decision about lampshades.

Also on the agenda for this weekend is clearing out the dining room - that was my dumping ground for all the goodies I bought at the Cash & Carry... some are for the spring open house so they will need to find a new hiding place until we get closer to March. Come to think of it, once I get that guest bedroom cleaned up I can stash them in there. :>) Oh it never ends!!!