Friday, March 19

Homespun has arrived

Well poo I am a week behind in my posts... I have been working really hard to get my new "POS" system up and running. It's been very time consuming to enter everything... hopefully another week and it will be done.

Look at this gorgeous homespun!! I have 8 bolts now... loves it! The red reverse windowpane and the mustard/black windowpane are my two favorites. I am so thinking curtains! This is very nice quality homespun, not the rough stuff from the "box" stores... $8.75 per yard. A reminder that the fabric ladies are happy to do the cutting.... you don't want me to do it... I cut fabric like I wrap gifts... and that's not a pretty picture my friends.

Spring Open House was a wonderful success! Too bad it didn't feel like spring... but that's OK, it does now :>) I've received SEVEN more boxes of goodies since the S.O.H.! Not all of it is seasonal... there was the homespun, some wonderful primitive "tabletop" cubbies, faux tallow berry candle rings and garlands, reed diffusers are back in, repro tin Easter chocolate molds, new braided trivets and coasters in wonderful colors, etc. I am also expecting the new Judy Condon book any day now. Oh and the UPS man brought me a big box of runners, shower curtains and window treatments that I haven't even opened yet!!

If you haven't been in the shop in awhile, please come see all that is new! Will try to get some of it on the website over the next few weeks... POS taking priority right now as I have to be up and running by April 1st.. no foolin'!

Happy Friday all!